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Gross domestic electricity consumption by source in Italy (1963-2014)

Gross Domestic Consumption of electric energy by source in Italy from 1963 to 2014
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  • Graph's data is taken from statistics available at Terna S.p.A. web site, especially "Historical data", "Production" and "General data".
  • Gross Domestic Consumption is the sum of the various inland gross productions (electric energy coming out from generators without deducting ancillary services consumptions) and net imports with foreign regions (+imports, -exports).
  • Hydro (natural) is the production minus energy originating from pumped water. Data before 2007 are estimated with good accuracy deducting 74% of pumping energy consumptions from overall hydro values (average efficiency rate of the process).

    2013 Var.

    GWh %
    Thermal 205.074 175.897 -14,2
    Hydro 43.854 54.672 24,7
    Hydro (natural) 41.875 52.773 26,0
    Pumping 2.689 2.495 -7,2
    Geothermal 5.592 5.659 1,2
    Wind 13.407 14.897 11,1
    Photovoltaic 18.862 21.589 14,5
    Bioenergies 12.487 17.090 36,9
    Other Renew. Tot. 50.348 59.235 17,7
    Renewables Tot. 92.223 112.008 21,5
    Gross Dom. Prod. 299.276 289.803 -3,2
    Net Imports 43.103 42.138 -2,2
    Gross Dom. Cons. 340.400 330.043 -3,0
    Ancillary Serv. 11.470 10.971 -4,4
    Energy Supplied 328.220 318.475 -3,0

  • 2013 data are final values.
  • 2014 data are estimated on partial results recorded for january-july period in Terna's monthly reports. It should be noted that these reports provide net production data whereas in graph you see gross values. The detailed renewable production is showed in the specific graph.
  • Light green dotted line represents the 2020 renewable production target (26,4% of GDC) as stated in National Renewable Energy Action Plans (NREAP; Piano di Azione Nazionale, PAN, in italian) set by European Directive 2009/28/EC.
    Green dotted line represents the 2020 renewable production target (35-38% of GDC, 36,5% in graph) as declared in Strategia Energetica Nazionale (SEN), an energy planning document presented by government on march 2013.
    European Directive requires that target (PAN) is computed with specific multi-year averages for wind and hydro whereas here actual production values are used. So reaching the target in graph doesn't mean reaching the formal target but it means we are close. You can find formal production values on GSE web site in the SIMERI section at "Quota Nazionale" entry.

Sorry, an analysis text for these graphs is available only in italian.

GDC, thermal production and PAN target linear regression computed on prior 2009 values
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Shares of Gross Domestic electricity Consumption by source in Italy from 1963 to 2014
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